Understanding Domestic Violence

Law enforcement, government agencies, and the general population acknowledge that domestic violence is a serious public health problem. The most commonly understood type of abuse involves partners of the opposite gender engaging in behavior that is both physically and mentally harmful, with the victim typically being the female. Less universally recognized is the occurrence of domestic violence among partners of the same sex.

Research indicates that domestic violence among same-sex couples occurs at similar rates as domestic violence among heterosexual couples. Unfortunately, domestic violence victims in same-sex relationships are not receiving the help they need.

The pattern of abuse includes a vicious cycle of physical, emotional and psychological mistreatment, leaving the victim with feelings of isolation, fear and guilt.

Mary Magdalene Friends United Church of Christ has recognized this serious need for help, and has made a commitment to build Rainbow House and Rainbow Hotline in order to provide much needed shelter and counseling support to individuals not readily served within traditional domestic violence programs. It is our goal to aid persons victimized by abuse to move toward strength as a survivor.

Rainbow  House  and  Hotline  of  Las Vegas

24 Hour Rainbow Hotline:


or  702-435-7482

Mary Magdalene Friends, United Church of Christ